Event Details

Event Details

Races: Marathon Relay… that’s 26.2 Miles

  • Date: Sunday February 10, 2019
  • Location: Greensboro, NC Country Park
  • Time: 10:00 am

Race Description

What… a marathon in February.  Don’t fret you get to run it with your buddies.  Get 3 friends together becuase this race is all about teams.  The marathon is 16 laps.  Each person on the team will run 4 laps or approximately 6.5 miles.  You get to go to work on Monday and tell everyone you ran a marathon (just leave out it was a relay).  Hey if you are crazy enough to do this race all by yourself we won’t stop you.  The course is certified so it is a Boston Qualifier.  If you’re a loner and don’t have 3 friends then convince your cousin to do it with you because we have a 2 person division as well.  And, for those with lots of friends, we have a 5-8 person  teams…so there is something for everyone!

See what It’s all about…


So how does this work again…

The race has 3 divisions.

  • Solo (I’m crazy enough to run this mofo by myself)
  • 2 Person Team (I don’t have 3 friends so this is the best I can do)
  • 4 Person Team (We are the life of the party)
  • 5-8 Person Team (And we take the party to the next level)

If you run it solo it’s easy… when the gun goes off, you run.  Stop once you run 16 laps (26.2 miles)

If you’re on a 2 person team we are pretty lax on the rules.  You can divide the 16 laps up any way you want.  1 person can run 15 laps the other person can run 1 lap.  We don’t care if you run all your laps at once or hand off and let your team run a few before you come back and run again. Same goes for 5-8 person teams. Share the laps however you like, but veyone has to run at leat 1 lap!

4 person team make up the majority of the race.  The race is built around 4 people on a team and we ask that you follow these simple rules to be eligible for awards.  Each team member will run one 1.6-mile loop, then wait for the other relay member to run their loop. (note, the first lap is a modified 2.2 mile loop).  We want people on 4 peron teams to only run 1 consecutive lap.  Soooo that means you can’t run 4 laps in a row then go put on warm clothes… no no no… you have to run 1 lap cheer on your team for 3 laps then run 1 lap again.  You repeat this for all 16 laps.

Tent City

The race centers around athlete village or tent city – a transition area where participants, friends and family mingle with the spectators, sponsors, volunteers and entertainment. Since the marathon is a relay, only one team-participant competes at a time. The other team members hang out, relax, prepare for their leg of the race or cheer on their teammate, while being surrounded by fans and spectators! The loop course provides a great opportunity to see several points of the course and be close to the action.

Registration Details

Team Entry Fee’s

  • $45  per person through August 31
  • $50 per person through October 31
  • $55  per person through November 30
  • $60  pre person through January 15
  • $65 per person through Race Day

Solo Entry Fee’s

  • $55 through August 31
  • $65 through October 31
  • $75 through November 30
  • $85 through January 15
  • $95  through Race Day

What You Get

  • An awesome race experience with a fun team atmosphere
  • A finisher medal for all participants
  • The BEST race shirt (I mean race Hoodie) around
  • Plenty of post race food
  • Music and fun!

Packet Pickup

Make race day a breeze… come to early packet pickup and pick up everything for your team

Early Packet Pickup
Fleet Feet – Greensboro
3731 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455
11am-5pm on Saturday February 9, 2019

Race Morning Packet Pickup
8:30am – 9:45am – At The Race

1 Person MUST pick up everything for a team (including your baton… no need to check in a race day!)


  • 8:30 AM – Team/Tent setup
  • 8:30 AM – Check-in begins (pick up race numbers and baton)
  • 10:00 AM – Race Start
  • 2:30 PM – Awards Ceremony (may be held earlier if all places are in)
  • 4:00 PM – Course Closes


Race will be chip timed, A timing chip will be embedded in a baton.  The baton will be carried by each runner during their lap.  Solo runners will have race bibs with timing chips (we won’t make you cary a baton for 26.2 miles)

Awards will be presented to the following categories:

2 Person Teams

  • All Male
  • All Female
  • Coed

4 Person Teams

  • Chippendales (All Mens Team)
  • Senoritas (All Female Team)
  • Chicks n Dudes (Coed)
  • Young Punks (total combined age under 80 yrs) – Can be all male, female or coed
  • Geezers All Men (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Geezers All Female (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Geezers Coed (combined age over 170 yrs)
  • Super Geezers (combined age over 210 yrs) – Can be all male, female or coed
  • Rolling Thunder/Clydesdale (combined weight of 800 lbs) – Can be all male, female or coed

5+ Person Teams

  • 5+ Person Teams – 1st place only


  • Top 3 Overall Male/Female


  • T-shirt…. no way are we doing t-shirts. This race is in February so we give you a fleece hoodie.  But here is the deal… YOU NEED TO REG BY 02/01  TO GUARANTEE YOUR HOODIE.
  • We are going to type this again… Reg by 02/01 to guarantee your hoodie.  You have been warned!

race_cancellations_policyCancellation Policy.  In the event the race should be canceled for reasons beyond the control of the Race Director or Race Committee (inclement weather or unsafe weather conditions; local, state or national emergency), refunds will not be made, but race packets, including race shirts, will be available at a location to be determined.

Race Rules and ConditionsRules / Guidelines.  Sorry, but for safety reasons, we do not allow dogs, bicycles, inline skates or any means of transportation other than running, walking or wheelchairs. Running baby strollers are allowed but must have a minimum of 6″ wheels. Race Director reserves the right to reject any entry or to remove any participant from the race course without explanation.



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